Where’s the value in good design? Is it worth it?

You don’t have to tell me there’s value in good design and the benefits it has, but it goes deeper and has more meaning.

You’re surrounded with design, good and bad in every situation you’re in. You judge and have your opinion on what’s good, what needs improvement and what benefits you the most.

We do it all day, every day.

But are you considering this for your things and how your brand looks and how it connects and builds trust?

Trust is built when your customers see consistency with imagery, color, patterns, and typography creating a feeling of stability.

We scan and shop with our eyes first, then we take a deeper look. What first glimpse at your brand are you giving? Is it dependable and trustworthy solving their problem or maybe it’s something more short term they can live with until they find another solution?

See it from a higher level. They know when you’re truly concerned about making their lives easier and this creates that stronger, deeper connection. The fact is that if you’re just selling and not nurturing, they’ll seek out more help to make their lives easier.

Design speaks to you every day, engaging your senses, building trust, solving problems and telling you a story. The same is happening to your customers and investing in that leads to more memorable experiences for them and ultimately stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

The takeaway is to step back from your daily selling to look at how your brand is being perceived and the feelings that are conveyed to your customers. If you’re not clear on how they feel or what that looks like, take the time to invest in getting a deeper understanding because it will have big payoffs for you and your customers.